How to Make Your Organization More Profitable in Two Weeks!

How to Make Your Organization More Profitable!

Don’t Dream of a More Profitable and Successful Organization—Take a Few Weeks and Make It That Way!


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If you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them!


It seems as though someone is constantly coming up with a new way to work around leadership. Some organizations spend millions of dollars trying to get rid of a corporate hierarchy and the competition and conflict within. It’s funny how as human beings we have a tendency to want to fix everything that is not broken before we get around to addressing what actually is broken. Easier to deal with I suppose!

[su_icon_text color=”#284ee4″ icon=”icon: key” icon_color=”#4849ce” icon_size=”47″]A “Leader” as it (as the position, not a person) is commonly referred to, is a person that has been given the privilege and opportunity to guide a group of people to achieve desired specific results. Their position requires that they provide a pleasant and effective work environment, support in skills and resources, and guidance in quality, deadlines, and direction. At the Team-builder Leadership Institute, we refer to that duty and privilege as “meeting the standard” of a leader, which is their purpose. To be effective, to remove barriers to performance from the work environment, to be able to guide people in a required direction requires skills well beyond what the average mother and father teach us as we grow up and become who we will be as adults.[/su_icon_text] People are not born with leadership skills and many people are not even certain what the most effective and universally successful leadership skills are. There have been mountains of money and eons of time spent trying to find a way to work around learning and performing to a professional and effective leadership standard. Organizations spend millions hiring consultants and trying new ideas where people are supposed to lead themselves. While it may address a few issues (like each individual wanting and getting their own way) it always creates many more issues very quickly. If people are left to their own desires, some want to do it the way it is required, some don’t want to do it at all, some only want to do it their way, etc., cohesion effectiveness, and productivity suffer and disappear.


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With no direction and support a team will not get very far!

The reason groups leading themselves will never work better than with a well-trained leader using and performing to a professional leadership standard, is because the people in the group have the same interpersonal, organizational, and emotional challenges and shortcomings as unskilled leaders do. People don’t just naturally get along and decide to work together because no one is telling them what to do. Ask any project manager and they will tell you (most project managers have no authority of the other participants in the project, i.e., politicians, vendors, suppliers, non-profits, etc.), if you don’t have the skills to make others want to participate—they will not or not the way you need them to. This is the main reason that research shows that 97% of projects undertaken FAIL. They do not come in on-time, on-budget or with the quality required. It’s not the processes it’s getting the people on the same page.

“Leadership” is not broken. The understanding of what it is and how to master it has been lost to many. Most training and education programs thrust the responsibility on the individuals being lead telling the student leader the employees should listen, given them rules and make them do what they are paid to do or replace them. If we only hired employees with perfect people and commitment skills we would never hire anyone. The leader’s job is to have the skills that show and require people to operate in a manner that creates harmony, cohesion and commitment to the goals. None of us are born with that knowledge but we can learn it quickly from a credible leader that knows and teaches a professional standard of operations and ensures it is followed for the good of all.


A leader that leads so people want to follow and be a part of the group, ensures they do not feel any threat or intimidation;  just a desire to be part of a group of highly successful professionals. Having a person responsible and accountable to ensure everyone has the tools, skills, support and proper environment to succeed is excellent and works extremely well. That person however, must have the ability to interact, guide, and support without generating negative emotions from the individuals in the group. They also must be able to positively eliminate negative emotions from their team members workplace behaviors.

At the Team-builder Leadership Institute we teach this professional leadership standard. It is taught through our Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) leadership standard and style certification course. Once you master it you become a dynamic guide. A “Dynamic Guide” only uses their authority in the best interests of the group. For instance they use that authority to make the troubled team member decide whether they want to be on the team or pursue other opportunities. Not through threats and intimidation but rather through advanced communication skills, coaching, counseling and the persistent enforcement and request for compliance with the commitment the individual made when they took their position.


Best leadership Standard and style, GSC.
To achieve anything accurately requires a standard to pursue!

The key is, they enforce operational standards consistently, persistently, constantly treating everyone with dignity respect and honesty all the time. Having the prerequisite skills and using that constant enforcement of the required standards applies the pressure for the employee to decide to conform and join the team in pursuit of its goals or leave and find a job they really want to do. The team member or individual ultimately makes the decision. Dynamic Guides don’t make peoples’ decisions for them. They are experts at getting others to make the necessary decision through skill–not force. They persistently require that the people they lead make a decision as to meet the required standards or not.

When it comes down to it, there will always has been and always will be a need for a “Dynamic Guide” or GSC Leader if people want to accomplish things together harmoniously, efficiently and effectively. If organizations want to continue to pursue getting more done with less and of course, there is nothing wrong with that; the challenge is for leaders to understand that for a person to effectively, efficiently, and with maximum productivity lead others, there are certain skills they must be successful at. Technical skills alone do not make a good leader. Leaders, like brain surgeons or airline pilots, must be given the opportunity to acquire the necessary universal skills or they will generate as many or more problems than they will solve (we’ve all experienced this leader).



[su_icon_text color=”#284ee4″ icon=”icon: key” icon_color=”#4849ce” icon_size=”47″]Think of it also like this: a work environment is an “Organizational Eco-System”. Everything is connected to and affects everything else. Every action the leader does or does not do (if needed) affects the results and outcome we get. In days gone by and even still, people at times treat illnesses by addressing a symptom(s) and ignoring the underlying issue. We learned from the past that applying leaches anytime someone felt bad never really worked as a cure. Neither will trying to remove the “Leader” from the “Leadership” role. That instrument of support and coordination for a group trying to accomplish tasks and produce results in a timely, organized, budgeted, and qualitative manner is essential![/su_icon_text]

It’s not the “Dynamic Guide” or GSC Leader that needs to go. It’s the lack of skills and the lack of commitment to those skills and the individuals being led. In the Organizational EKO-System, leaders must be equipped to overcome constant challenges and to align the Organizational Macro and Micro Factors with the accompanying systems to create a fluid, conflict free, high performance work environment. In the organization where the alignment is correct between the macro, micro factors and systems, the group(s) do not lead themselves. They are led by a GSC Leader and are referred to as, self-managed work teams. Which of course means they regulate and support all the team members but their GSC Leader provides the tools, direction, and support they need to be able to focus on obtaining the desired results.


Bottom line: The “Dynamic Guide” provides the tools, techniques, support, and guidance that allows the team to do what they came to work to do.


Best Leadership Standard and Style Book
Best Leadership Standard and Style Book

In the book “Why Try To Make Them Do It When You Can Make Them Want To” (available at Amazon), it lays out the sequential skills of becoming a “Dynamic Guide”. It’s not as complicated as you might think. For those people who want to be immersed in the information, the Team-builder Leadership Institute has an online GSC Leadership development training certification program. The “GSC Leadership Development System” walks a potential leader through mastering the required universal leadership, communication and influence skills step-by-step, ensuring they have mastered each set of skills before moving forward. To ensure that outcome, there is an assessment at the end of each module and the end of course to ensure acquisition and retention of the skills. If navigated successfully, the assessments culminate with the awarding of the course GSC Leadership Standard and Style Certification). The program ensures the leader has practiced and successfully used each set of skills multiple times and can apply them in the real-world environments they work in. How would it affect your leadership team, work environment, and bottom line if your organization’s leaders became “Dynamic Guides”? If they treated everyone with dignity, respect, and honesty at all times and additionally made the work environment pleasant, efficient, with the maximum productivity possible from the people you work with? A huge benefit is that the high performance is freely given from the group not forced or coerced.




When people who are awarded and accept leadership positions take the time and put forth the effort to acquire the necessary skills, that leader, “Dynamic Guide, supervisor, whatever you want to call it, becomes a tremendous asset, not something to try and work around or in spite of. If you want cohesion in your environment and organization align your “Organization’s Eco-Systems” and provide the necessary universal skills for your “Dynamic Guides” or leaders. You will have saved tons of money and time trying to work around a problem that was never there and your productivity and profitability will increase dramatically while your overhead and expenses decrease dramatically! Contact the Team-builder Leadership Institute now and take your leaders and organization to the top of their profession and industry!

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