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“The Gazette Examiner”, Leadership is not Power, it’s Skill and Lacking that Skill can get You Fired

When Leaders are Held Accountable!


From CEO to “You’ve got to go”! The CEO of an 800-million-dollar media company let go for lack of skill! Apparently, manipulating the numbers, mistreating people, and turning a blind eye to inappropriate behavior can still get you fired! CEO of the Atlanta based media conglomerate ADP was replaced today under allegations of apathy and misconduct. The Board of Directors has asked the founder and former sole proprietor of the company to temporarily take over operations and get the company back on track fulfilling the role as chief consultant. If being fired wasn’t bad enough. Does being fired by your father make it better or worse?

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“The Gazette Examiner”, Leading by Example and Making a Difference

Local Man Honored as Community Hero!

From meager beginnings growing up on the outskirts of Houston Texas, he moved to Atlanta, married and became of Georgia’s leading citizens. Through determination and hard work, he turned an empty building in to a thriving media empire employing hundreds form our community. Consensus is, that it’s his remarkable persona and leadership techniques, as well as, his passionate but pleasant and informative communication abilities that have fueled his meteoric rise.  He has arguably done more for our local youth and community than anyone in recent memory. Yes, he is a hero in the truest sense of the word! The resounding question now is, what’s next for this former Texan and local hero? Learn about what he did and how he did it:

An amazing success story!

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